House for sale

In September we sell our wonderful house at Orust.


ACCOMMODATION        Detached villa

LIVINGAREA / BIAREA 180 m² / 30 m² Area information according to the assessment information


                          Welcome to Hälleviksstrand/ Röd!

Our house by the arrow

In the bay you can kayak, sail with small sailboats, and skate in the winter!

In the middle of Bohuslän is Hälleviksstrand and only about 500 meters from there is Röd where our house is located.

Hälleviksstrand/Röd is beautifully located on the island of Orust in the Bohuslän archipelago. Here you can enjoy salty baths, the guest harbor's swarming boat life, good coffee moments and just feel the peace during a walk among boathouses, cliffs and bays. When you get home, you have a good drink and maybe crawl into the Jacuzzi on the terrace.


                                      Here is the place where calm takes over

Farthest west on Orust, between the communities Ellös and Mollösund, is the cozy Hälleviksstrand. The country road here winds past agricultural landscapes, forests and ancient monuments. The first thing that meets you when you approach the town is Hälleviksstrand's magnificent wooden church, built in Norwegian style and painted in Falu red.

Down in the village, the sea is constantly reminded with salty winds and a spectacular view. The densely placed wooden houses and the red boathouses testify to the history of the community as a fishing village. The passenger ferry to Käringön departed from here for a long time and stressed motorists who would have time for the ferry parked wildly around the community, but since the ferry traffic has moved to Tuvesvik, Hälleviksstrand has regained its calm. Hälleviksstrand or as it is also called "Strana", is a community on western Orust which is probably now best known because it is where you take the ferry to Käringön.

This has not always been the case. We are about 200 year-round residents who live there and work both inside and outside the municipal boundaries. In summer there are almost twice as many, much depending on our beautiful archipelago and nature, but also because Hälleviksstrand's original buildings are quite unspoilt. In Hälleviksstrand there is a museum for those who want to see how the people lived here in the 19th century click on the link and read about Morlanda Hembygdsförening. Here is also a beautiful chapel in Norwegian style built in 1904.

If you want to take a dip in the salty sea, there is Hälleviksstrand's bathplace(4 min by car, 15-20 by bike, there are bathing s, trampoline and a swimming school is arranged. In addition to swimming and guest harbor, Hälleviksstrand also has a tennis court for rent, some examples of activities .boules, hiking trails, saunas, playgrounds, paddles, etc. In Röd is a bay that is filled with sweet water from the stream that flows right next to the plot. The bay is perfect for those who want to paddle a canoe or let the children try sailing. in winter the water freezes and you can lace up your skates.

Living room

Large bright living room with access to conservatory and terrace

Living room  with dining area


Lovely conservatory in the west, isolated for spring, summer, autumn, we have heated to about 7-10 degrees in the winter via element. We heat it to about 20-22 degrees in the winter when we want to use it via a stove and infrared heating, an oasis to sit in in the winter with all the green plants around you with the snow just around the corner.

Sauna, shower room and separate toilet

On the lower floor there is a fully tiled shower room and toilet and a sauna for 2-3 people.


På övrevåningen finns 4 sovrum

Bedroom / family room

The first bedroom you come to is over 20 sqm. Can also be used as a family room. This room also has access to a toilet.


Office or small children's room? Or why not put in a bunk bed and you have a guest room.


Large welcoming furnished hall


Large kitchen in old-fashioned design with wood stove and pantry


Large kitchen in old-fashioned design with wood stove (not in approved condition today.


Pantry in old-fashioned design.


Cozy place in the kitchen

Glass veranda

Glass porch with access to terrace and spa.

Reading room

Our cosy reading room with access to the terrace.

WC upper floor

Garden pictures and facts

Facts garden

7 kinds of apple trees

2 plum trees

2 Cherry trees

1 pear tree

Many raspberry bushes

Gooseberry bushes

Red and Black currants


Wild Blackberries

Potato field

2 small greenhouses for herbs and lettuce

A larger greenhouse for tomatoes and cucumbers

Environmental images and facts

                                                                                                                           Swimming and kayaking

The archipelago outside Hälleviksstrand, with its narrow coves and shallow straits, is perfect for kayaking, and kayak rentals are nearby, for example at Stocken's campsite. Silently gliding across the water surface, and quietly approaching the seals and birds, makes you become one with nature for a while. Just south of the center

in Hälleviksstrand is the bathing area with jumping tower, trampoline and beach. In Hälleviksstrand you can also play tennis and boules.

                                                                                                              Old fishing village

The first time Hälleviksstrand is mentioned in written sources is in 1617 and during the 18th century herring period, the town flourished with herring alteri which attracted farmers from the interior of Orust. In addition to large-scale fishing, oats and freight operations were also exported. At the end of the 19th century, during the seaside resort era that characterized the entire coastal strip, hot bath houses and guest houses were built for well-to-do summer guests. In 1905, Hälleviksstrand was hit by an extensive fire that destroyed large parts of the community, but the local population rebuilt the community and at the same time started Hälleviksstrand's shipyard, cannery and stone quarry. The resort's glory days are still visible in beautifully glazed verandas, bay windows and carpenter's joy.

                                                                                                                        Accommodation nearby

There are some real gems nearby if you would like to linger on and sleep overnight. Click on the image to get to their website.

                                                         Accommodation nearby

There are some real gems nearby if you would like to linger on and sleep overnight. Click on the image to get to their website.

Erwings Junkfood restaurant

At Erwings you can enjoy a delicious meal in the company of an invaluable sea view in a unique environment. During June, July and August, we offer plenty of Football, Live Music, Darts and our popular Tuesday QUIZs.

Strana Hotel och Restaurant

Dine in by the sea.

Newly caught, carefully selected and skilfully cooked. In our restaurant we serve the best from the sea and Bohuslän. Strana is located about 400 meters

                                           Orust-The sea, the boat and the environment

In the middle of Bohuslän, between the bridges Skåpesund and Nötesund, is the west coast's largest island Orust, which is also a municipality. In our archipelago you will find well-known places such as Mollösund, Käringön, Gullholmen, Hermanö, Flatö and Malö.

Hälleviksstrand, view from the sea